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Stuff About Me

Or, The Timon FAQ Center

"What the heck IS Timon, anyway? A mosquito?"

Ahem. I, Timon, am a meerkat, and darn proud of it, too. Let's be clear about this. I'm not a prairie dog, or a weasel, or a mongoose. I'm a meerkat. Meerkats are cute furry creatures with pointy tails, about 6" tall. They look like... like... well, they look like this:

Want more info? Go to this page, kept by someone who knows what he's talking about.
And be sure to visit www.meerkats.com and meet the real Timon!

My Philosophy on Life

Repeat after me: Hakuna Matata. If you speak Swahili, then you already know what that means. If you don't, it means "No worries," and it's a philosophy that makes for a fun, carefree existence, if you ask me. Sure, some people tell me it's irresponsible; you can talk to Simba about that, since he's become king and doesn't have time for Hakuna Matata anymore. But it works great for me. Look here. How far are you gonna get in life if you just mope around and worry all the time about where you're gonna eat for the next six months, or whether you should have done this or that with your life? What kind of way to spend your time is that? You're where you are today because lots of stuff happened in the past. You may not like where you're at right now, but you can't change the past, no matter how much you think you can. It's pointless to stew over what's gone by. So just live life one day at a time, and if one bad day goes by that throws you out of step, just start again and try to do it better. Say to yourself, "Hakuna Matata" --and then just sit back and relax, and enjoy being yourself. What you get out of life depends on what you put into it, so just don't be negative or you'll get stuck in a loop of bad feelings. Think positive. Think happy. Think Hakuna Matata.


Yeesh. Then there's Pumbaa. He's a warthog, and he's my best buddy, but I'd put on a gas mask if I were you. Even if you're just looking at this picture of him. I've developed an immunity to it, but sometimes his digestion just doesn't agree with people's olfactory systems. I've tried to get him to lay off those Beetle Burritos, but he's a hopeless addict. Sigh...


People I know

Here are the pages of some of the guys I've met in my travels on FDCMuck. You might recognize a few of them.

Welcome to Da Veldt!

Deep in the heart of the MUCK lies Da Veldt, the central hub of all the Virtual Pride Lands. From here, you can visit all corners of the Pride Lands, starting from the stately Pride Rock Government Center.
You can catch flights to and from Pride Rock arriving hourly at the Pride Lands International Airport, with connecting flights to places all over the MUCK.
The Food Court, off the Government Center, is the social Mecca of all the MUCK. Sample the cuisine in Timon's Bug Burger Bar, or the Wolf's Den, or any of several other class establishments.
And, back on Da Veldt, you can stroll around and visit any number of fascinating places: Rafiki's Tree, Nala's Alcove (my home away from home =), BigSimba's Pad, Timon's Hangout, Pumbaa's Savannah, Banzai's Hungry Hyena Heaven, Zazu's Garden, and even Scar's Cave if you're feeling adventuresome.

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