I generally don't collect NFL games but I know there are collectors out there who do. I will list the games that I WILL be getting here on this page. So if you see any games you might want, let me know asap, so i can setup and make sure it gets recorded for you.

Generally speaking I can get all Redskin games, Ravens road games (most Home games too, or all if I ever buy a roof antenae).

Pre-season is about to begin so let me now list the games I will be getting. Let me know if there are any you need. And Below that are the games I have:

Date TimeGameTV
Thursday Aug 38pmDallas@AZNBC

Week 2 (preseason 17)

Weds Aug 97:30Texans@LinaNFL Network
Thur Aug 107:30Skins@RavensNBC-4
8pmDenver@ChicagoNFL Network
Fri Aug 117pmPitt@GiantsNFL Network
9pm49ers@KC JIP'd?NFL Network
Sat Aug 129pmCows@RamsNFL Network
Sun Aug 131:30Detroit@IndyNFL Network
8pmSeattle@ChargersNFL Network

Week 3 (preseason 17)

Thur Aug 177pmRavens@fishABC-7?
Fri Aug 1810pmMinn@SeattleNFL Network
Sat Aug 193pmLina@TennNFL Network
7pmIndy@CowsNFL Network
10pmDenver@49ersNFL Network
Sun Aug 204pmAtl@PittNFL Network
8pmNO@ChargersNFL Network
Mon Aug 218pmGiants@Browns

Week 4 (preseason 17)

Thur Aug 247pmFish@PhillyNFL Network
Fri Aug 258pmKC@Seattle
Sat Aug 267pmBills@RavensABC-7?
7pmColgate@Cal PolyESPN-U
Sun Aug 271pmChicago@Tenn
7pmRichmond@Sam HoustonESPN-U

Week 5 (preseason 17)

Thur Aug 317pmPhilly@JetsNFL Network
10pmSeattle@OaklandNFL Network

Week 3 (preseason 09)

8pmGiants @ Chicago

Week 2 (preseason 08)

Thursday Aug 77:30pmBaltimore @ New England
Friday Aug 810pmOakland vs San Fran
Saturday Aug 97pmBuffalo @ Washington

Week 4 (preseason 08)

9pmArizona @ Oakland

Week 5 (preseason 08)

Thursday Aug 28?Miami @ New Orleans

Week 1

Week 1 (preseason 06)

Aug 118pmNY Giants @ Baltimore

Week 2 (preseason 06)

Aug 198pmAtlanta @ Green Bay

Week 3 (preseason 06)

Aug 268pmAtlanta @ Tennessee

Week 4 (preseason 06)

Aug 31730pmJacksonville @ Atlanta

Week 2 (preseason 05)

8/198pmCincinnati @ Washington
7:30pmTennessee @ Atlanta

Week 4 (preseason 05)

7:30pmAtlanta @ Miami
9pmNew Orleans @ Oakland

Week 2 2005

Monday9pmWashington @ Dallas

Week 4 2005

sunday 4pmPhiladelphia @ Kansas City
4pmMinnesota @ Atlanta

Week 13 2005

4pmDenver @ KC

Week 16 2005

Monday9pmNew England @ New York J

Week 11 2004

sunday 1pmIndianapolis @ Chicago
4pmWashington @ Philadelphia
4pmSan Diego @ Oakland

Week 12 2004

1pmSan Diego @ Kansas City

Week 14 2004

sunday1pmChicago @ Jacksonville
4pmNew York J @ Pittsburgh
4pmDetroit @ Green Bay

Week 15 2004

1pmHouston @ Chicago
1pmDallas @ Philadelphia
1pmSeattle @ NY Jets
4pmSt Louis @ Arizona

Week 16 2004

1pmAtlanta @ New Orleans
1pmChicago @ Detroi
1pmNY Giants @ Cinncinati
1pmSan Diego @ Indianapolis
4pmNew England @ NY Jets
4pmCarolina @ Tampa Bay
4pmWashington @ Dallas

WEek 17 2004

sunday1pmMinnesota @ Washington
1pmGreen Bay @ Chicago
1pmNY Jets @ St Louis
1pmMiami @ Baltimore
4pmIndianapolis @ Denver
4pmKansas City @ San Diego
4pmAtlanta @ Seattle


sunday1pmDallas @ Detroit (2nd half)
4pmTampa Bay @ San Francisco


Sept. 169pmDallas VS Washington
Dec. 26?Dallas VS Washington


Sept. 79pmDallas VS Washington
Dec. 13?Dallas VS Washington


Sept. 99pmDallas VS Washington
Nov. 24?Dallas VS Washington


Sept. 24?Dallas VS Washington