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TLK Video Games

Several video games based on The Lion King have been released over the years, for several different platforms and taking advantage of technological advances with each new platform. This section will provide as much information as possible about each one, including reviews, pictures, playability tips, and purchasing information.

The Lion King 1994
Platforms: PC/MS-DOS, SNES/Super Famicom, NES/Famicom, Sega Genesis/Megadrive, Game Boy, Game Gear, Amiga
Produced by: Disney Software & Virgin Interactive Entertainment
East Point Software (PC Version)
Westwood Studios (SNES and Genesis Versions)
Dark Technologies (NES and Game Boy Versions)
PC Version: download free demo; commercially available (in UK) as part of the "Disney Classics" software pack
NES/SNES/Genesis/Game Boy/Game Gear Versions: ROMs available at Planet Lion King (no longer available)
Screen Shots
Game Boy
Game Gear
--Havaska (

More screen shots (from the PC version) are available here, thanks to Epantiras! (416K ZIP)
Level 1
--Ryan Stegeman (
All versions are exactly the same. Some may be graphically better then the other (ie a SNES version and Gameboy version) but the level design is exactly the same. The game simply follows the story of The Lion King, with levels depicting different scenes. This was a very good and playable game at the time, and is still a good game today, if a little weak by today's standards.

--Havaska (
Cheat Codes
SNES/Genesis/Game Boy Version:
Level select / Invincibility
On Options screen, press B, A, R, R, Y.
Skip to next level
Pause game, then quickly press B, A, A, B, A, A.

PC Version:
Cheat codes
On title screen, press and hold down the keys 'D','W','A','R' and 'F'. It will display the message 'Cheat Enabled'. Start the game then press:
E - Jump to bug hunt 2
L - Next level
H - Full health
Q - Jump to bug toss
R - Jump to bug hunt 3
W - Jump to Bug hunt 1

Game Genie/Pro Action Replay:
Cheat Game Genie Pro Action Replay
Roaring doesn't decrease your roar meter C291-5763 C3D96EAD
Roar meter doesn't fill up with time C289-5D6F C0B552AD
Don't lose roar power when you get hit C293-E703 C3DBEDAD
Almost infinite energy C298-7DDE C3DCB0AD
Infinite lives CE6E-8464 C08AFAAF

Timon & Pumbaa's Jungle Games 1995
Platforms: PC, SNES
Produced by: Disney Interactive (PC Version)
THQ (SNES Version)
No Longer Available
Screen Shots

The Lion King: Simba's Mighty Adventure 2000
Platforms: Game Boy Color, PlayStation/PlayStation 2
Produced by: Disney Software & Activision
Torus Games (Game Boy Color Version)
Paradox Entertainment (PlayStation Version)
Commercially Available: and other video game outlets; approx. $40 (PlayStation) and $30 (Game Boy Color)
Game Boy Color Version: ROM available at Planet Lion King (no longer available)
Screen Shots
Game Boy Color
Game Boy Version:
Essentially a remake of the original version, it is based on all the levels of the first game, but with different designs. The game also has three more levels that progress the story through TLK2, with the end 'baddy' being Zira that you have to beat to complete the game. Also included in the game are four mini games - Tennis, Bug Hunt, Grub Grabber and Bug Catch. These four mini games make up for the actual main game's lack of length. Especially the tennis game that is very very addictive and could live up to a great game on its own. If that's not enough there is also a two player mode, where you play 'tag'. This is very good fun. The only bad thing about this game is that it only has two songs throughout the whole game, that have nothing to do with TLK and are both awful! Otherwise a great game! It gets a 9/10 score!

PlayStation Version:
It is a really bad game. It's just not fun to play. I completed it in an hour, and I will probably never play it again as I have nothing to go back for - it has no replay value.

The first bad thing - it has a LOT of movie clips... But they have redubbed voices over the top. So that is Zazu you see, but it is not his voice, it is another dubbed over so it fits in with the game... This is awful, and should never have been allowed.

Bad thing two - the levels... They are really short and really boring, and they are so linear. It's not a real 3D game, it's basically an old 2D style game with a 3D gleam on it.

Bad thing three - the graphics. These are terrible. Simba looks like a brick. And the animation is worse. He has four knees - all his legs bend forward. This is not how any animal other then elephants walk, and it is truly, truly bad. The textures in the game are pretty colourless and all just grey or green. There is no life in them.

Good things... Its TLK. It has three bonus games, and a lot of movie clips in it.

Overall this is not a worthy purchase. Even if you love TLK you will not enjoy this. I give it (this is unbiased) a 4/10 overall score. Avoid this game, there is much much better out.

--Havaska (
Cheat Codes
(None Yet)


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