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Other Goodies

These links round out the TLK experience, providing several glimpses into the "behind-the-scenes" aspect of the film, and ways to TLK-ify your life a little more.

TLK Desktop Themes for Win95/98:
Theme 1 (1080K)
Theme 2 (920K)
Theme 3 (1736K)
Simba & Nala (By Myra Weber - 640K)
Hakuna Matata (By Myra Weber - 552K)
Timon Theme (by Mark Trepanier - 808K)
    Add-on #1 - 304K | Add-on #2 - 248K
Pumbaa Theme (by Mark Trepanier - 744K)
    Add-on #1 - 288K | Add-on #2 - 296K
Theme by Hegelund (3661K)
Theme by Lightpaw (1096K)

The "Nala's Screen Saver" (for Win95): by Welfie

Gil's TLK Icons: Mac and Windows
A collection of 18 Macintosh icons created by, and converted to Windows format by Steven G. Goulet.

TLK Music Icons: Windows
Icons made from the covers of the various TLK soundtrack CD covers, by Ecor.

TLK-amp (The Lion King Skin for WinAmp)
By Thomas Fosseli.

SP-amp (Simba's Pride Skin for WinAmp)
By Janis Bode (Hulakat).

Nala skin for WinAmp
By Zenith.

Simba skin for WinAmp
By Zenith.

Timon skin for WinAmp
By Darkfighter.

"Lea Halalela" skin for WinAmp
By Kiara Zukunft.

Kiara & Kovu skin for WinAmp
By Kiara Zukunft.

Washington Times review of the Archive, dated May 1, 1995.
Movie Details provided by the Internet Movie Database.
A BBC Radio Documentary on Tim Rice, contributed in MP3 format by Andy Etheridge.
TLK Movie Posters and other merchandise for sale at
The Hans Zimmer Worship Page

Dedicated to the composer of the musical score for TLK!

Lion King Trivia -- 101 questions and answers!
TLK Puzzle Game, from Chano Andersen.
All the Lion King Merchandise you can eat!
The Lion King Game for PC (demo version)
Oopsies! - Bloopers in TLK. Compiled by Phil "Stokowski" Pollard.
First Geek Code... then Furry Code... and now, TLK Code!
Also see the TLK Code Analyzer to decode it!
Thomas Sweet's Concordance to TLK, with analyses of the dialogue of all the characters.
The infamous MAD Magazine's spoof of TLK!
By Trey Tackett: Mystery Science Theater 3000 renditions of TLK and Simba's Pride.
Movie Credits, Transcribed by Matt Robinson.
Foreign Language Voice Casts
Lion King Comics (for Foreign Markets)

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