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Electronic Postcards

You can send a Lion King postcard to a friend on the Net, free! All they need is e-mail and a web browser. Just pick an image from the list below, fill in your message, and send it!

You can see a larger image by clicking on any of the small icons.

Just a little something from me to you... Okay, okay... I'll write more 
often! It's your WHAT? Your birthday? ...Hakuna 
matata-- you'll have lots more! C'mere... gimme a hug!
Just a little note to say I care... Thinking of you... Don't mind me... just saying hi! I'm sorry...
BOO! Miss me? Hey there! Just letting you know you're on 
my mind... HEY! What's up? Never give up hope...
An important royal announcement... Thinking of you... Come here... I've got something to tell 
you... If you ever need a hand... I'm your 

If you would like to include a sound file, choose one from the list below (optional):

Now type your message in the box below:

Choose your font:

Finally, you must enter your name and e-mail address, and the recipient's name and e-mail address. All four fields must be filled in.

Your name: Recipient's name:
Your e-mail address: Recipient's e-mail address:

Note: You can only send to one e-mail recipient at a time.

How It Works:

When you send a postcard, you create a file on the server with a filename reflecting the date and time it was created, i.e. "xhhmmss_mmddyynnn.html" (the x is a random digit, and the nnn is a checksum). An e-mail notification is then sent to the recipient, telling him or her to look at that file. When he or she reads the postcard, that file is added to a list of cards to be deleted that night at midnight. So, if you receive a postcard, you can view it as many times as you want that day, before it is removed permanently from the system. You can save the card for future use by selecting "Save As" from the File menu. If the recipient does not read the postcard, it is kept on the system for one month before it is automatically deleted.

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