Posted by: Mutt (
Date: Tue Oct 17 18:26:34 2006
In an episode of The Office, during a conference meeting Michael holds, he has a ball that he passes around to everyone. When they get the ball, they tell of some relative that has died. Well, they all take it as a joke and use movie deaths instead. So when Ryan gets the ball, he says that his cousin Mufasa took a trip to Africa, but got run over by a pack of wildebests and died.xDDD No disrespect to Musfasa or anything......but it was hilarious that Michael actually believed him!

Posted by: Charlotte Goldman (
Date: Wed Oct 29 21:03:45 2008
In the episode where Jan brings in her new baby, Micheal holds the baby up like simba in the lion king!

Posted by: Zack (mrsstarwarz@yahoo)
Date: Sat Nov 6 10:24:52 2010
In the epsiode "Baby shower" Steve Carell lifts A baby up in the air and says "Look Lion king" or smethin like that.