Posted by: Rin (
Date: Sat Mar 22 22:47:59 2003
I got this one from the Fresh Prince from Bel-Air. In this chapter, Will and Carlton was having a double date, and Carlton choosed the movies, more exactly his Disney's collection movies, and guess wath movie was they watchin, The Lion King of course!.
But the funniest part where when they were watchin the part when Mufasa dies, and Carlton starts to cry and:

Carlton's date: "Are you crying?"
Carlton: "Sorry, it's just that..." (continues criyng)
Will's date: "It's OK Carlton, you don't need to hide your feelings"
(The Carlton's date already go out of the apartment, and Will tries to catch the atention of his date, but failing)
Will: "Sometimes, when I'm alone in home, I cry to"
(His date look at him bothered)
Will's date: "Will, if you don't mind, I'm trying to watch the movie"
(Will angered)
Wil: "OK, allrigth, I'm leaving" (he stops in front of the door). And in the end of the film another lion dies!"

It was very funny ^u^

Posted by: Nogard (
Date: Wed Jun 11 14:51:42 2003
In The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Will tells the dad, " You are the king of the jungle, Mufasa!"

Posted by: Colin (
Date: Wed Jun 30 10:31:18 2004
A while ago (I just remembered) I was watching The Fresh Prince, and in one episode Will was making up this story to distract Jazz in poker and Will said "My mom won a Back to Africa contest. She found everything cultrally wrong in The Lion King."

Posted by: Tsumetsuki-Moonclaw (
Date: Thu Mar 5 20:07:55 2009
Sorry rin, but it was old yeller and will said "And they shoot the damn dog" Sorry, i loe TLK too, but this wasn't a sighting...sorry