Posted by: Roku (
Date: Wed Jul 20 09:37:07 2005
While watching the Animal Planet show, "Pet Star", hosted by Mario Lopez, a show similar to American Idol where people from around the country bring in their pets to show off their talent, and get judged,and I saw a Lion King sight! One finalist, who had a Chow Chow dog with a lion cut (the bottom half is cut very short, with the tail tip hair remaining, and the top half of the dog has long hair, so it looks like a lion, hence the name lion cut) and when he came out, Mario Lopez said "He looks like a lion king! Just like Simba! He looks just like Simba from the Lion King!" How cute is that?

Posted by: Kalahari (
Date: Sun Jan 8 20:14:49 2006
Animal Planet used to have this show called "Pet Star" where animals do tricks and stuff, anyway this guy and his kid brought this pig had I think they were calling it "Kiara".