Posted by: Miles Cheetah (
Date: Sun Oct 12 18:17:28 2003
Viewed off of the Brother Bear website is an image from the movie. Kenai is seen sleeping by Koda on a rock. Look! It's Pride Rock! :)

Posted by: Masika (
Date: Sat Apr 10 15:22:11 2004
On the special features of Brother Bear, you can choose to watch the movie with commentary by the two moose, Rutt and Tuke. At one part, Rutt and Tuke are saying what animals they would like to change into. Rutt says he would like to be a chipmunk, while Tuke says he'd like to be a lion. Rutt insists that that's already happened in the movie, "The Lion King." Tuke says back to him, "No moose ever turned into a lion in The Lion King!" It was really funny!