Posted by: Timon NCC-1701 (
Date: Sat Dec 31 13:47:58 2005
The SVU team was looking into the disappearance of a Chinese woman who had been missing for a week leaving her 2 very young children behind. She had dated this one guy and broke up with him. She called him the next day telling him she left her purse which she claimed she had made in a Chinese sweat shop there and asking if he could bring it to ger. He said for here to come and get it. She never showed up. The SVU detectives came by this guy's work where he kept the purse and he gave it to them, telling the whole story. The SVU detectives later took the purse to a counterfeit agency and they said it was made. The counterfeit detective said that they used to look into things like this.

Counterfeit Capt.: But since 9/11, we've been looking into DVDs

Benson: Bootleg movies are a threat to national security?

Counterfeit Capt.: Al-Qaeda's selling them. When we got there, we found 2,000 copies of THE LION KING