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Date: March 22, 2004
On the 21/3/04 there was an episode of 2DTV (a late night animated comedy sketch show) there was a spoof of The Lion King sketch called “The Lion Who Would Never Be King.” And it showed Prince Charles as Mufasa and Prince Harry as Simba (Harry and Charles are the English royal family) Mufasa was holding Simba Over Pride Rock like Rafiki and saying “royal blood flows in your veins sow you must set an example.” And Simba replies “but why dude, I’m never gonna be king.” Mufasa realises “you now what your right, and neither am I.” They are now of Pride Rock, they sing in harmony. “Because of the queen we will never be king.” At which point Mufasa is shot with a musket. You see Mufasa’s head on a plaque in the palace next to an elephant. Mufasa seas “the closest I’ll ever get to the thrown” the elephant looks at him. Mufasa seas “what are you looking at big ears!!!”