Posted by: Jessica (
Date: Jan. 29, 2005
I was watching America's Funniest Home Videos.This woman's dress fell and she was about to do The Lion King on Broadway because she had the outfit on.

Posted by: Skima (
Date: April 29, 2005
Something I saw on America's Funniest Home video was Johnathan Taylor Thomas holding a simba toy talking about the Lion King the other night. Thought I let yall know

Posted by: Sora (
Date: Oct. 14, 2005
I was watching America's Funniest Home Video and they showed a clip of a lion and then the host says 'Hey, isn't there a scene like this on The Lion King?' then the lion 'goes' on the screen. I laughed so hard.

Posted by: Kalahari
Date: Feb. 26, 2006
They show this lion attacking little kids from inside the cage and the narrator says someting like, "Oh I'm so bored. Even watching The Lion King on tape beats this."