Posted by: Meg (
Date: Aug. 23, 2002
On Animal Planet, they were doing a show about two baby polor bears. In one of the scenes, a polor bear cub was wacking around a ball with Simba on it!

Posted by: Albino Meerkat (
Date: Dec. 18, 2002
I was watching a big dog show on ANIMAL PLANET and there was this Malamute or Husky (something) and it's show name was "Bluemoon's Hakuna Matata" and the host said "That means "no worries" dosen't it?"

And in another one of these dog shows, another dog's call name was "Nala".

Posted by: Bernardo (
Date: May 30, 2005
2 days ago at Animal planet, around 3:30PM (+08:00).

The show was all about lions, but that's not the sighting. Somewhere in the middle of the show, they played "Hakuna Matata".

Posted by: Delenn
Date: April 14, 2006
I was watching the little zoo that could when I saw two lion cubs on. One was Simba and one was Sissi! AND SIMBA WAS MALE!!! My mind staring shouting, "TLK sighting! TLK sighting!"