Posted by: Alisa Morgan (
Date: Sept. 13, 2000
Some new show a couple of night ago, called "Baby Blues" or something like that. Two guys were talking about hunting animals:

"We don't kill them. We honor them to being part of the great circle of life."

"Yeah, I saw The Lion King".

Posted by: Napoleon & Diamond (
Date: Oct. 15, 2004
I remember one time I was wacthing an episode of "Baby Blues" on the Cartoon Network. I can't exactly remeber what the episode was called, but it had something to do with camping. Anyway, the main character (I think his name was Darryl) and his friend were walking throught the forest, talking about hunting. His friend was explaining to him about how nature works and metioned it was all part of the great "Circle of Life". Darryl then responded with, "Yeah, yeah, I saw the movie."