Posted by: Cory Pender (
Date: Nov. 11, 2000
I was watching the movie 'Bless the child'. Came out this past summer. There was a scene in it and I was in the middle of eating popcorn when it came on; I would of laughed much longer 'cept I had shot a kernel up my nassel passage because of it. I donno why I had never reported it.. I guess I forgot..

The scene is in the courtyard of the school for the specially challenged; looked after by dedicated nuns. It was the end of the school day, and parents were picking up their kids. During that day there had been a bird which had flown threw the window and broken its neck, When Maggie O'connor ( Kim Basinger ) comes to pick up Jenna her niece she sees the kids huddled in a group and becomes curious by all the commotion the exhibit.
A nun comes out.
Indirect Quote:
Ms O'connor: What are the children looking at over there?
Nun: Oh, it must be that poor bird that flew into the window earlier. The children are just very curious about death I'm guessing they have a pretty good understanding of it anyway. I blame it on the Lion King.

Posted by: Caji (
Date: June 14, 2002
In the movie "Bleess the Child," the lead character discovers a crowd of school children hovering over the body of a dead bird. The woman questions the school Nun about what happened. She adds on, "Do you think children understand death?" Then the Nun replies, "I think they do. I blame The Lion King."