Posted by: becky
Date: March 14, 2006
OMG HEY TLK FANS! so i was watching desperate housewives ( yes i watch it sometimes its my guilty pleasure) so it was the 5th episode of the second season and Bri walks in on her son andrew and his boyfriend playing video games. with my TIVO ( yes i hav one theyre AWESOME) i paused it and i rotated the screeen so i could get a good look at what they were playing. surprisingly enough they were playing The Lion King-The Circle of Life. Also on an old episode Gabrielle walked into her room to see Carlos and that blonde nun singing TLK-can you feel the love tonight- then he ran into her knife, he ran into her knife 10 times. ALSO! on neopets i was just prancing to the food cauldron on my kangaroo, Markey, when i stumbled upon a pink hyenna named calpurnia laffing and singing be prepared.ALSO in Chicago i saw Zazuu in the cell block tango. ALSO in RENT i spotted nala in rogers apartment during would you light my candle- she actualy blows out the candle one time if u look hard enough-ALSO in the James Blunt video,You're Beautiful, his shoes hav TLK shoelaces!

okay i gotta give a shoutout to...mista clearuil ! GO TLK!