Posted by: Masika (
Date: Oct. 11, 2003
My dad just saw a commercial (I MISSED IT ARRGH!!) anyway, in the commercial, a football coach from the Detroit Lions is running around looking for a few of his players. "Where's Harrington?" the coach cries out to an assitant coach. One of the other players says, "I think he's watching film, coach." (my dad says watching film means watching the other team that your going to play.) The assistant coach goes into the film room and sees Harrington and two other guys watching The Lion King (Hakuna Matata scene). The assistant coach says something like: "Get out there now!!" and one of the players watching the Lion King begs, "five more minutes!!" and goes back to watching the movie!!!

All right!!!

(speaking of the movie, The Lion King special Edition rocks!)