Posted by: Kimbano (KIMBANO@AOL.COM)
Date: April 10, 2001
i saw this tonight and i had to jump on it.
on darma and greg, greg is haveing a fight with his mother. in an atempt to get them togeather again darma buys two tickets to TLKoB. gerg, knowing her plot sends his best friend in his place. in the same way his father shows up in place of his mother. the two end up going togeather. later in the show greg's father tosses him a TLKoB t-shirt saying "you missed agreat show."

Posted by: Rin (
Date: March 31, 2003
This is from "Dharma&Greg". Greg's parents was going to ronve their matrimonal vows, but Greg's father wasn't sure about this. Greg told that it was important because

Greg.- Dad, you must go, mom do everything, even forced at the singer to learn "Can you feel the love tonight".
Greg's father.- Oh, that's a sweet song.

Ijust watched this today, it was funny.