Posted by: Ben C
Date: Dec. 25, 2005
about 10 min ago on the christmas episode of Doctor Who 'The Christmas Invasion' about half way through, the doctor was making a speech to some aliens, the lines in question went
'From the day we arive on the planet
and blinking step into the sun
there is more to see than can ever be seen
more to do than can ever be done...
Oh wait that's the Lion King isn't it'
then a few min later he is fighting the alien and pins it down on the ship floor and says 'leave now and never return' while pinning his throat down with his sword.

Posted by: Blue Phoenix
Date: Jan. 10, 2006
On the audio commentary for The Christmas Invasion, Julie Gardner, the executive producer of Doctor Who, mentions that one of her favourite moments is 'the Lion King speech'. Phil Collinson, the producer of Doctor Who, mentions that he's never seen The Lion King.