Posted by: Navira
Date: Jan. 15, 2007
I'm sure someone else has spotted this, but in Father of the Pride (its on Sky One) Larry, the lion, is helping a panda get a girlfriend. Larry tells this panda (sorry, forgot his name) that he should NEVER rap to this girl panda. Larry watches as this panda starts to chat up the girl panda, and he starts rapping. Larry mutters, 'He deliberatly disobeyed me', like Mufasa said to Simba! I'm sure there are lots more references, look out for them!

Posted by: Kiron Strive
Date: March 1, 2007
In one of the episodes Sierra is watching a movie with Hunter, the shot satrs out with a DVD case laying on a table that has a picture of a cartoonish lion wearing a crown... How much more obvious can you get? but then Hunter, having his cone filled with popcorn, asks Sierra what was hapening in the movie.
she replies. "*sigh* Simba was sad, then Darth Vader said some made up African crap."