Posted by: Redraptor (unknown)
Date: July 8, 1998
There is [a TLK reference] in the animated series "Gargoyles" by Buena Vista. There is a part, where a character, named Hudson is watching tv, and flipping through the channels, and one of the channels lands on a commercial for TLK and we see a split second of the scene where Rafiki is holding up Simba to the crowd. This is in the first 5 episodes of "Gargoyles" called "Awakenings". I THINK its in the 3rd ep.

Posted by: Michael Razzano (
Date: Sept. 5, 2000
I found that the sighting on Gargoyles was in the 4th episode (Awakenings: Part IV) exactly 4 minutes and 41 seconds into the show (that's including the opening, which is exactly one minute). Obsessive? nah....

Posted by: Janii (Katy) (
Date: Aug. 7, 2002
In The Gargolyes Part 4 Or The Awakening, while Hudson, is channel surfing he passes through TLK movie, I was laughing like crazy :P