Posted by: Brian Tiemann (
Date: July 11, 1997
A highly visible TLK injoke is present in Disney's 1997 release Hercules. In one scene, Hercules is posing for a painting, with a heroic lion's-head cowl on his head. In the next few shots, it's clear and obvious that the cowl is Scar, or what's left of him. He could have made a very handsome throw rug, too...

Note: Apparently that's not all that happened to Scar. In the Hercules animated series spun off from the movie, Scar appears as a throw rug in one episode.

Posted by: Michael Razzano (
Date: Oct. 3, 2000
In an episode of "Hercules", as shown on toon disney, there was an episode in which Icarus accidentally made some "loathe arrows" instead of love arrows for cupid. Near the end of the show, Hades says "Let me try: Can you feel the lava tonight?" I though that was a little funny.... :-)

Posted by: Timon Fan (
Date: Jan. 21, 2003
In Hercules when he is beating up all of the villians, one of them is Scar!!! Weird, huh? Since as noted in an earlier sighting, he is also the little mask thing that Hercules wears posing 4 a painting....