Posted by: Silver Wolf (
Date: Jan. 13, 2001
On January 13, 2001 ABC's show 'The House of Mouse' (series, I believe) aired. There is a big mixing of all of the characters from all of the Disney movies, TLK included. We see Timon and Pumbaa sitting at one end of a table, when Timon says, "Waiter, there's a fly in my friend's soup. Can I have one too?" He then proceeds to say, "Hey Simba, whatdya get in your soup?" Simba then sighs, and says, "Just Rafiki." Rafiki is sitting in Simba's soup, using it like a bath tub. I'm not sure if the wording is exactly correct, but it's pretty close :).

Posted by: timeerkat (
Date: Feb. 18, 2001
on The House of Mouse last Saturday morning(the episode where Pete keeps trying to shut the power off), they had a scene where Timon called for the waiter and said something about a blue-bottomed babboon or something like that, and then they panned the camera over and it was Rafiki sitting there on the table! And during the rest of the episode, they showed Timon and Pumbaa again for a second or two a couple times

Also, they had a bunch of commercials for House of Mouse on beforehand that had Timon and Pumbaa in them

Posted by: Jarak (
Date: March 13, 2001
Disney's "House of Mouse" frequently uses Lion King characters. Last Saturday, the 9th I believe of March, Jiminey Cricket went into a long speech/song about what to do and what not to do... pointers for Disney characters. Part of it was "Don't trust anyone... with a sinister smile." At that point Scar flashed on screen, bearing his trademark grin, and quickly donned a look of suprise. Later in the speech Jiminey says, "There is nothing to see in the Elephant Graveyard, end of story." While he says this we see a young Simba and a young Nala cower below the table in fear.

Posted by: Mufasi (
Date: Oct. 3, 2002
On a House of Mouse episode called "Donald's Lamp Trade", when a magic broom got on Donald, he ran up a plastic replica of Pride Rock & an elephant's skull from the Elephant Graveyard.

Posted by: Endless Night (
Date: March 2, 2003
'House of Mouse' has spawned some spiffy TLK sightings. I just had to add one I thought was great.
In the epsode where Jimmy Cricket becomes Mickey's conscience Jimmy gives a big shpeel on what you should and shouldn't do. It goes through the various tables of charcatesr and than reaches Simba and Nala cubbies, where Jimmy says 'There is nothing to see in the elephant graveyard, End of story.'
They both slink down in their chars.

I really enjoyed it. One of the better little humourous refs in House of Mouse.

Posted by: Andy (
Date: June 17, 2003
when i was watching house of mouse on the disney channel.on a cartoon called around the world in 80 days.when mickey and goofy were travelling by elephant,the elephant was stomping timon,ouch that's gotta hurt.

Posted by: Sheaa (
Date: Aug. 6, 2003
On Disney’s House of Mouse, there was one episode where I believe (don’t hurt me if I’m wrong) Donald is greeting guests and Rafiki walks by without greeting Donald, so Donald gets angry and insults him, which results in Rafiki whacking him with his walking stick.
I also recall one scene in which Rafiki was at one of the tables holding up Scar. It might’ve been the same episode where Rafiki whacked Donald.

Posted by: Rose Hill (
Date: Nov. 17, 2003
I was watching the show House of Mouse on the Disney Channel on Sunday, November 16. As I was caught it at the last few minutes, Jimminy cricket was making a spech, which was mocking some disney charaters (Like saying 'never sell your voice to a sea witch, no matter how much you like a guy; and then Ariel grabbbed Ursula's necklace, and if your name is sleeping beauty, use a sewing machine, not a spinning wheel, and other funny ones) and he said "There is ABSOLUTELY nothing to see in the Elephant Graveyard. Nothing. End of story" and as he said it, closeup of the table where cub Nala & Simba crouched, ears back :-)
Another episode that came on next (there was a marathon of House of mouse, celebrating Mickey Mouse's birthday) and Mickey had made fun of Donald,calling him a ham, and Donald got mad. Then, Jafar came to him, and said "I will help you get revenge of you get me the lamp!" jafar hypmotizes him with that stick hes always lugging around, and Donald heads off into the 'prop' room in the back of House of Mouse. This is hilarious, where all props of Disney movies are kept, like a box saying "48 assorted colors of the wind" with leaves around it, and other famous things from Disney movies laying around, in boxes, crates, etc. It was a very big room, and as Donald walked with his lantern among the shelves, he passes a sign that says "LION KING" and there is pride rock, and in front of it the parts of the Elephant Graveyard. Talk about a prop or what, eh? heheee! This just tickeled my fancy, and I thought I'd share it as a Lion King sighting, although it WAS on disney. It was cute and charming, House of Mouse is a good show that way.

Posted by: Katlyn (
Date: Nov. 18, 2003
In DISNEYS HOUSE OF MOUSE Its common to see tmone and Pumbaa but when they were talking about the know it all professor duck he says 'Mufasa next to simba' and it shows simba with his ears down like when Mufasa says 'Take Nala home. I have to teach my son a lesson'

By the way that is my e-mail address up there=) its not fake

Posted by: Dudenheimer (
Date: Nov. 8, 2004
On an episode of Disney's "House of Mouse", When Donald and Daisy are put in charge of the House of Mouse, everyone hates the show they put on and they all leave. But after Mickey gets back, everyone rushes back in over Donald, and if you look closely, simba is in there squishin' Donald too!

Posted by: Dudenheimer (Tiglath006@ AOL .com)
Date: Nov. 10, 2004
Found another one in Disney's "House of Mouse." In the episode, Goofy for a Day, Max is telling his dad, goofy that he should try to get a better job or something, and he names some stuff off of the House of Mouse's menu. One of which I noticed was, Lion King Crab with Zazu-chini! That was a laugh and a half!

Posted by: Dudenheimer (
Date: Nov. 17, 2004
Dudenheimer again, another from the "House of Mouse". I just noticed that in the end of the opening, when the camera is moving toward the stage, in the far right table, I'm sure that I saw Mufasa and some other familiar charicters.