Posted by: Nala (
Date: Sept. 20, 2003
hey tlk fans!
About 3 minutes ago on disney's Kim Possible, Ron was trying to flirt with a girl who worked at the movie theatres by going to see almost every movie. He was running out of movies to see, and said "one for Milo's Puppie II, Milo's Pride." I believe this goes without explanation.


Posted by: rebfeehan (
Date: Dec. 28, 2003
ok i was watching kim possible one day (because it was the only thing on) and kim was very nervouse and ron said dont worry its all hakuna. he ment no worries but he only said hakuna wich means no. so he really said its all no. but i get what he ment. any way i hope this counts as a sighting. please post it brian.

i wanna give a shout out to my boyfriend johnothan!

Posted by: Dudenheimer (
Date: Nov. 28, 2004
In "Kim Possible",(Yes, I watch it now and then)on the episode: Bonding, when Ron and Kim are on the Circus train and Ron is doing his homework with a pinlight in a dark boxcar. He is complaining about how he has had a math teacher all year that hates him,(Or something along the lines of that),and he says to Kim that it is,"The Circle of Life", that he was stuck with said teacher. She replys,"Funny you should say that.",(Or something like that), takes his pinlight, and shines it in a cage behind him where there is a lion! It growls and takes a swipe at Ron and he freaks out!
I've got to say that I was suprised(To say the least), that I would see something relating to "The Lion King" in Kim Possible.
Quite a few laughs, Huh?!¿!?!¿!? =D