Posted by: Kat (
Date: Aug. 13, 2004
In a King of Queens episode, Doug and Carrie are driving home from visiting their friends who have kids.

Doug: The kids sang along to every song in THE LION KING
Carrie: No, you sang along, I saw you.

Posted by: Kiara (
Date: Feb. 10, 2005
In an episode of "King of Queens" Doug is babysitting and after that, he says about the two kids he baby-sat, "They sang along to every song in The Lion King" and his wife Carrie says, "No, you were. I saw your lips moving." :) LOL!!

And to clarify, that King of the Hill scene, Bobby joins the Buddhists. When a monk tells Hank about some time circle saying, Hank says, "Hey--you're talking about a song from THE LION KING" :)

Posted by: Noey
Date: Dec. 5, 2008
well one time I King of Queens and what happens is the guy loses his job and get angry at the boss and tells his wife about it and she tells him "some people get a job some people lose a job honey its the Ci'rcle of life." he looks at her and she says "Please don't make a connection to The Lion King