Posted by: Sema (
Date: June 27, 2001
Last night I was watching this show called "Kristen" when I spotted a TLK sighting.

Kristen got the lead role in a play and two of her friends went to go see her perform, but were upset to see that the place where the play was held was small and under a laundry mat.

One of the guys says "Hey this is nothing like broadway..Nothin' like when I saw the lion king!"

and then the other guy is like "What you like the lion King?"

and the first guy gets up in his face with his hands and he's like in a harsh broklen accent "Hakuna Matata!"

My brother and I were laughin' are butts off!


Posted by: Gage/SSJ (Kristen) (
Date: July 2, 2001
On the show, Kristin, which seems to be a newer one, the plot was that Kristin was chosen to play a part in a small broadway show as a character named Rose. Two other characters, both men, came to her practice show one time, in a small basement. When they entered, one guy said, "Sure doesn't look like the place where I saw 'The Lion King'." Then later on, the director noticed them and thought that they should leave because they were being a distraction or something. The same guy then said. "Hey, it's like The Lion King.. Hakuna Matata." This may not be as much accurate in words or the plot, but it's a siting, eh?