Posted by: Chimeratc (
Date: Feb. 18, 2002
aperantly in kung pow ( my bf saw it the other day) and theres one lion king reference in it. its sort of a spoof of when mufasa forms in the clouds and stuff :)

Posted by: Paka (
Date: April 11, 2002
Like Chimeratc said, there IS a spoof of TLK in Kung Pow: Enter the Fist. Quite a long one, in fact. There's a part where the hero, The Chosen One, has a vision, and who else appears in the clouds - but good ol' Mufasa himself. It was a cartoony CG lion made to look more like a samurai, so he had long whiskers and a ponytail and stuff. His name was "Mushufasa", and he began "Simba!". And The Chosen One is like, "Uh, I'm not Simba!". So begins nearly two minutes worth of this lion talking to the hero, whom he calls "ChoSimba". The Chosen One is like "But I don't understand!" And Mushufasa gets frustrated and says "Of course you don't understand, I'm speaking in riddles! I'm giving you a clue where later you'll be like 'Oh, THAT'S what he meant!' 'From the stars - I get it now!'"
Hehe - he also appears briefly later in the film in one of those flashback bubbles, when the prophesy comes true, and is like "See? See? Isn't that clever? 'From the stars' - didn't I say so? Oh, by the way - open your mouth."

Something along those lines - of course I didn't get all the dialogue memorized or anything. O_o

And I also agree with the protestors here - some of these sightings are pretty lame. I just posted one that clearly refers to TLK, but some "sightings" are so far-fetched and so desperate to make a connection that I think Brian should go through them all and delete some. I mean, come on! "He turned his head just like so-and-so from TLK!"? That's just pathetic.

Posted by: craige1 (
Date: Dec. 5, 2004
I know that the kung pow spoof of TLK has been metiond before but i would like to add to it. In the kung pow spoof of the lion king a smari loin resebeling mufasa (called Mushufasa) shows himself to the main charactor (called the chossin one) in a cloud, like in TLK, and then calls the main guy simba, which the main guy says its not him, so mufasa calls him cho-simba one, and a whole bunch of talking happens and at the end of it mufasa leaves saying, this is CNN, now, in a simpons spoof of the loin king a bunch of her dead freinds appers to lisa in a cloud, then a mufasa-like loin appers in the cloud next to them and says "Kimba, uh I mean Simba", then Darth Vader appers, then James Earl Jones saying "This is CNN".

I acctually look at the kung pow spoof as a spoof of the simpons spoof of TLK, with the bad resembelance mufasa, the wrong name been said and the cnn bit in both of them