Posted by: 2SkyDragon
Date: Oct. 13, 2006
Once, I was drawing with the TV in the background, and this show called Murphy Brown (I think) came on, I wasn't too interested in it... Until I heard someone say "My kid is scared to sleep, because he thinks that Scar is in his closet." or something along the lines of that. I stopped drawing to watch the rest of it. Turns out that they were doing a play, or something, of The Lion King. The same person who said the thing about her kid being scared of Scar, told some guy he'd have to be Pumbaa. He asked who Pumbaa was, and she's like "Pumbaa? He's a flatulent pig." then the guy asked if he could instead be a fun-loving Gorilla, or and easy-going Zebra. xD It made me laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh!