Posted by: Masika (
Date: June 17, 2003
I was sitting here on the computer about 2 minutes ago, and my mom turned on Oprah. As I'm sitting here, I hear a very familiar song. My sister says, "Isn't that from your c.d.?" I jump up and run over to the T.V. and low and behold, there is a chorus singing the song, "One by One" from the Lion King on Broadway. It was some people from the cast from the Chigaco production. Oprah then said "Go see the Lion King on Broadway, and don't be late!!!" Cool!! If I was in Chicago, I'd go!!!!

Posted by: Page Kath (
Date: Jan. 3, 2004
I was watching Oprah (sp?) last night and she gave away tix to TLKoB and the current Simba came on the show in costume and sang "Can You Feel the Love..." *tear*

Posted by: Peter
Date: March 8, 2006
I was watching Oprah in December and she had Matthew Broderick (Simba) and Nathan Lane (Timon) on with her!! Although they were on because of The Producers, talk shifted around to TLK and they got Nathan to say Hakuna Matata! They brought up screenshots on the wall and everything! I was ecstatic...^_^