Posted by: Court (
Date: Sept. 14, 2000
Well I was watching Pokemon with my sisters (their obsessed) and in the episode of the clefaries and the moonstone i think, there's this guy being attacked by bats. well ash and his friends save him, and he rejoyces about being alive and is all the sudden on a large jutting rock with a sun in front, just like in Lion King.

Posted by: ranguvar_au (
Date: Jan. 1, 2001
Hey, I saw all those sightings from Poke'mon and it made me remember one of my own. In TLK1, Pumbaa is walking along (in Timon's vision) and we get a back view of him. Suddenly, a lot a animals fall out of the trees, covering their noses, due to Pumbaa's 'Special Ability'. In the episode of Poke'mon with the alien Clefairy and the music clip 'Song of Jigglypuff', Jigglypuff is walking along, singing, and we get a back view of her. Suddenly, a rattatta and a pidgey fall out of a tree, asleep due to Jigglypuff's special ability, sing attack.
Pretty cool, eh? I cacked myself at both scenes. LOL!

Posted by: Alexandria Albatou (
Date: May 27, 2001
There are quite a few themes of TLK in Pokemon. I can only name a few since there are too many to list...
In the "Hour Of The Houndour" episode we see the Houndour attacking Ash and friends. After we see a few shot appearences we see the leader of the Houndour pack on the edge of the rock that looks like the edge of Pride Rock. What is also desturbing is that the Houndour carries some scars in his face like Scar. It really reminds me of that scene where Scar was with the hyenas.
Another theme which is played many times throughout the show was the relationship between Meowth and Giovanni's Persian. Once you think of it Meowth is like Scar and want to be the "Top Cat" but Persain is in his way to being that top cat.
That's all for now. Thank you!

Posted by: Rachel (
Date: Sept. 5, 2001
sailorsun is right about pokemon.......... i have a lot!

The episode "The Pi-Kahuna" The surfer dude's Pikachu stands on a jutting rock.........

"The Fortune Hunters"-Meowth asked if jessi can read his horoscope thingy and she said, "You are a POKEMON you furbrain!"
Remember when simba said, "Pumbaa.... you are a pig."!

a commercial for johto journeys has ash standing in front of a Johto league town.........

"Spinarak attack"(i think that's the name)- I have 2.
1- Team Rocket wants to avenge(i can't remember his name!) So its sorta like Kovu avenging Scar, but he fails because he falls in love with Kiara. Team Rocket always fails;o)

2-The person team rocket wants to avenge has a scar-like perplexion.. black hair, the whole nine yards, EXCEPT for the scar! He also had a meowth;0)