Posted by: Little Lioness (
Date: Oct. 19, 2003
I was watching Ripley's Believe it or not one morning and they showing a rural South African village, where one of the local women had baby. Only the baby grew inside of her liver instead of her womb. The woman had a baby girl, and they named her "Nala" which they said is Zulu for "Luck".

Also, my mom, neice and me were out on shopping errands. Fist we went to CVS and they had iron-on patches, and Simba or NALA coin purses. We then went to Wallmart and I talked her into letting me buy a little bean bad Nala. I then saw a Pumbaa plushie in somebody's cart.

Once at the thrift store some @#$%^&*(##$%% lady had picked up a Kiara plusie before me. I was ready to fight. I asked her if she really wanted it and she said it was for a freiend. Her "Friend" probably doesen't even like TLK!