Posted by: AirborneLion (
Date: Nov. 6, 2001
Ok, I don't know if anyone has mention this before. In high school I watched a movie called "ROOTS" in class. It was a story about how a young African boy name Kunta Kinte(played by Levar Burton ..we all know who he is from Star Trek :Generations),well he was catured by slave trader and brought and sold in America in the early 1800's. Ok, a long story short I saw a scene where it show him when he was an infant was raised high in the sky by his dad reminded me of the Simba's presentation at Pride Rock. Then in the second tape of the movie Kunta got married.Kunta's wife was played by Madge Sinclair(voice of Sarabi in TLK) they had a child together so Kunta did the same thing that his dad did to him....raise the their child high in the air.
I was amazed at the similarities considering this movie was made way before the the TLK, maybe even before the idea of TLK was even concieved on Disney's drawing board.

Posted by: Zaramay
Date: May 20, 2007
My parents were watching this Movie called Roots. This Guy just had a baby and he didn't have a name yet. He had to so a tridition on him. And guess hom he got his name. At night, the dad lifted him up in the air like it was Rafiki lifting Simba.