Posted by: Balana Lioness (
Date: April 14, 2001
On the April 14th episode of Saturday Night Live on NBC on the "Weekend Update" news skit, Jimmy Fallon started talking about a new (broadway?) show called "The Producers" starring Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick. After stating that he hadn't seen it, he started ad-libbing possible lines, and broke into part of the chorus of "Hakuna Matata" as a few of Nathan Lane's possible lines. However, I don't think that he quoted the song correctly.

Posted by: Kirsten Gilson (
Date: April 24, 2001
A few years ago, Nathan Hale was guest hosting on Saturday Night Live right around when TLKoB opened up. He went into a musical number in the introduction of "Hakuna Matata" with all of the cast members.

Posted by: ryan sprusansky (
Date: Nov. 16, 2002
on saturday night live, jimmy falon was talking about the play 'the producers' starring matthew broderic and nathan lane. during his impression of nathan lane, he kept singing hakuna matata

Posted by: ryan sprusansky (
Date: Jan. 4, 2003
on saturday night live, they showed an animated ray lewis in all of the disney movies including serveral parts from the lion king.

Posted by: Cirque_du_Simba (
Date: March 10, 2003
I don't know if anyone put this, but if they did, never mind. I was fliping channels and i saw on Comedy Central's "Saturday Night Live" even though it realy wasn't Saturday, but anyways, i saw this realy weird guy hold up a giant baby Simba doll. Then he did a reducules voice and said "Saturday Night Live". Nvm. If this doesn't make sence. seeee ya.

Posted by: Ryan Sprusansky (
Date: Nov. 8, 2003
On SNL, Janet Reno played by Will Ferrell is laying in bed with a huge simba doll.

Posted by: Brian Tiemann
Date: May 29, 2006
On April 15, 2006, Saturday Night Live showed an animated segment (by TV Funhouse) called "Journey to the Disney Vault". This short featured two kids being given a tour of the Disney Vault by Mickey, and it poked fun at Disney's sordid history as well as its tendency to make bad sequels and play games with their availability. It also featured Scar as "the Disney Lawyer" who threatened to imprison the kids in the vault forever, because they now knew too much. As consolation, they all got to watch "The Lion King 5 2/3 - Simba Sits In For Meredith" (on "The View").

Posted by: Beatriz Barreto
Date: Jan. 11, 2008
In "Journey to the Disney Vault", there's a few hints:

1) There was a made-up sequel called "Beauty and the Beast: The Lion Adventure"

2) Scar was the Disney lawyer

3) There was a made-up sequel called "The Lion King 5 2/3: Simba Sits in for Meredith"

Posted by: Minky Momo
Date: Jan. 12, 2013
I was intentionally searching for the clip of Obama trolling people with the Circle of Life video when I stumbled upon an Obama parody from SNL entitled "Circle of Life", where Obama talks to various people about what jobs they had. And then when some guy explained that he got hit by a brick at Burger King (which was mentioned earlier), Obama says "There you go! Circle of life!" I think that was intentional because of the "Obama birth video trolling" incident.