Posted by: Tufti Ny'a (
Date: Feb. 5, 2003
I was watching the WB's big Thusday and 'Scrubs" came on.
Anyway, I was watching it and this one guy, (forget his name) says to this girl that is going to die.
Dude: See, when one person dies, and another one lives is a way of life here. I call it the great circle of life.
Lady: Wow, thats-
Dr: Oh my god, you mooched off The Lion King!
Dude: Shut Up! Okay? I just like the little baby lion cub! What was his name...uh....
Dr: Simba!
Dude: Trick Question! Ha Ha! You watch it too! Ha HA!
Dr: Shut up... I just like the monkey, thats all.

I thought that was a really interesting dialouge between a male nurse and a doctor.

Posted by: Raider (
Date: June 16, 2005
Scrubs 2/13:

"I honestly believe in hospitals there is like - this balance, you know? It's like when some person dies, another person gets a chance to live. I like to call it the Circle of Life."
-"Oh - my - god. You MUST stop watching The Lion King!"
"I like that baby lion cub. Whats his name?"
"Trick question! You like it too!"