Posted by: BluNikori (
Date: May 27, 2003
In a soon-to-be-brought-to-America movie (originally chinese/cantonese) "Shiaolin Soccer" features one of the Lion King's musical themes (the one where simba's ascending to pride rock & it's raining) near the end.

Posted by: Bernardo
Date: Jan. 16, 2006
According to Thomas Glorieux, it's not only after Simba defeats Scar. Even before that.

[i]The most surprising track is however 'Victory', because here it especially apes big time Hans Zimmer's music from The Lion King, not only the whirling strings when Scar surrounds Simba with the guilt playing card at the end but also especially with his main theme in final glory, when choir and strings make the version work, in both the movie as on disc. Call it ripping off, but when others do it, why hate Raymond Wong for it? Its a good moment to hear. The Lion King version in almost Scottish sense with saluting choir sends off a nice to listen to moment in 'The Cup' and 'Ending' throws a main theme version at you in the Kung Fu Fighting sense of the word, with full blasting choir, you gotta love it. -Thomas Glorieux[i]