Posted by: Nogard (
Date: Nov. 2, 2002
In the TV show 'Sister, Sister': Ray hires Lisa to make a huge banner saying Go Lions!, and Lisa wants to add a scene from The Lion King on it, she then says that she loves the scene where Mufasa was trampled by the wildebeast because it was so sad.

Posted by: blaine (
Date: May 18, 2003
In an episode of Sister,Sister, Lisa has to make a banner that says 'Go Lions', she sats "How about a scene from The Lion King,I just love that part where Mufasa gets trampled!"And Ray said, "Noone wants a dead lion hanging over the concession stand!"

Also, about ten minutes ago, on CatDog, Cat played dead & Dog started crying & saying, "Cat, please get up! Come on!"

And, on Sylvester & Tweety Mysterys, an episode is called,"Hold The L'yin King Please!"

Posted by: Jessi (
Date: May 31, 2003
I have two sightings, both in the show Sister Sister.

The first one is, when Ray needs Lisa to make a Detroit Lions banner, she says "And maybe scene from the Lion King in the background...I love the part where Mufasa dies, its so sad."

The second is, when at the movies, and they are talking about what is scary, someone (forgot who) says "Now the Lion King was scary, remember those hyenas?"