Posted by: Michael Razzano (
Date: Sept. 5, 2000
On an episode of the Disney series "Smart Guy", in the episode "Lab Rats", I made another sighting: It opens with a very bored classroom watching a documentary on lions. The show ends with "...and the African day melts away for the well-fed simba." The lights come back on and one of the main characters (I think it was Mo), being interrupted from sleep, says "oh, yeah. The Lion King! feel-good movie of the year." I also did a little research and found that Jason Weaver, young simba's singing voice, is one of the co-stars, Marcus. I don't think it was him that said it, but I'm not completely sure...

Posted by: Dev (xx@x.x)
Date: Oct. 4, 2003
I saw something on disney channel today!
on the show "smart guy" TJ's class was watching a movie about lions.At the end of the movie the narrator says something about tucking his simba into bed.It wakes up Moe,who fell asleep during the movie,and he says:
"ah, lion king,best movie of the year"
it made me laugh! I had to write it down!
P.S.:I love this site!