Posted by: Rin (
Date: Feb. 28, 2003
Hey!, it's my first time writting here, well, my sighting it's from Spin City, in this episode, Caitlin was dating and old man and Charlie at his daughter, and for the 4 was uncomfortable, so they have a sesion with a psychologist, and Charlie was telling the history of his life:
Charlie: "I couldn't face have lost my father, and I runaway from my home. I lived alone, without my family, but, I lived many adventures, and I have many friends."
Psychologist: "Well Charlie, that's very interesting."
Catlin: "Of course it is, it's The Lion King"

It was very funny, I wish could see the chapter again.

Posted by: Holly (
Date: Sept. 29, 2003
In season 5 of Spin City, in one episode Charlie has tickets to see the Lion King with his girlfriend and her parents, but he gets stuck on the subway.