Posted by: Ray
Date: Feb. 19, 2009
BOOH YAH!!! At the beginning of this show the narrator even said that TLK must have been "borrowed" from this story! It starts with a pride of about 22 lions. I watched it in 2005 so i can't really remember but i know there was a pack of hyenas who try cnd kill lion cubs in the prides "créche". The lionesses fight them off until the pride leader comes. Also there was a cub who was very close to that father. One day another lion comes and attacks the old leader (FYI the pride lives on a huge rock. Cool!) He kills the leader and some of the cubs but that cub I mentioned ran away. The lion gives chase and they come to a really muddy place. The cub tries to cross it and luckily because he's small he doesn't sink. The other lion follows but begins to sink and on top of that he sees two masai warriors coming so he goes back. The lion cub manages to survive in a new land and grows up. He then meets a nomad male and together they go back to the pridelands. (thats what where he used to live was called!) They both fight the lion who took over his pride and win and in the end he's standing on the rock roaring with all his might!!!