Posted by: Dave Cleary (
Date: April 15, 1996
on an episode of "The Simpsons" [episode #2F32], Lisa sees a cloud that sprouts various shapes, first of a deceased friend of hers, then of a Mufasa-like head that asks for "Kimba, uh I mean Simba" to avenge him, then of Darth Vader, then of James Earl Jones saying "This is CNN." The heads all pop up one next to the other.

Posted by: Hannah Wade (
Date: Feb. 14, 2001
In one episode of the Simpsons (Homer the Bodygaurd) Kent Brockman reports that the Circle of Life is complete!! (Does that count)

Posted by: Sema (
Date: April 1, 2001
Just recently in the Simpsons---The Simpsons went to africa and as soon as I saw they were going to africa I said to my uncle "I smell a Lion King Parody"

Sure enough there was 2

The first one is when they were on a tour and they were like "LOOK AT THE ANIMALS" and it was just like the circle of life when the animals our walking in a strait line in the rising sun and it had a little bit of TLK-like music too.

The Second one is when the family was floating down the river and they had to choose which way to go---homer kept looking back and forth--to a Sunny place with a rainbow---and a dark place with dead animals and dark stuff--Much similer to the elephant graveyard---because of the bones and Elepahnt skull..

Hehe simpsons tends to have lots of Lion King parodys..don't you think?


Posted by: Christian (
Date: April 14, 2002
On The Simpsons tonight Homer and Lenny were out in Texas on an oil well that was surrounded by fire. Homer panicked and tried to get Lenny to help him find a way to save them from what appeared to be certain death. However, Lenny, resigned to his fate, said something to the effect of, "It has to happen sometime. You know, circle of life."

Posted by: David Sun (
Date: Nov. 12, 2002
Not really sure but here goes:

In the Simpsons epdisode where the clown Krusty meets his daughter. Right after Krusty leaves the room to get Sohie's violin (Krusty's daughter), Homer Simpson starts singing The Lion Sleeps Tonight the way Timon and Pumbaa sing it in TLK.

Posted by: Euan Buchan (
Date: June 18, 2003
In The Simpsons when Homer becomes a bodyguard for May Quimby. Homer realizes that childrens milk by the mob is made by rats aND Maer Quimby lets the rats out for freedom and from there cats are drinking the milk as it goes down the drain and Kent Brockman says "The Circle Of Life Is Complete"

Posted by: Rin (
Date: July 9, 2003
This one it's from 14th season of "The Simpson", but I wacht it in spanish. It was a Halloween special, and one of the stories was a parody of that movie, I think the name it's "The island of doctor Muroe" or something, anyway, the doctor here was doctor Hibbert, and he transform Marge in a phanter, Bart in a spider, Lisa in a eagle, and Maggie... I don't remeber well.
Well, the point it's, that when Homer was looking for them, Flanders was helping him, beacause now he was a cow "?", and while Homer was ridding him, he was singing his version of "The lion sleeps tonight":

"En la jungla, (In the jungle)
Montado en una vaca, (Ridding a cow)
Homero feliz esta." (Homer happy is)

Posted by: chris stone (
Date: Dec. 7, 2003
in the simpsons krusty discoverd he is not really jewish and during his barmitsfah he said thanks to the cast of the lion king

Posted by: Britt (
Date: Dec. 8, 2003
2 the Simpsons sightings. a few days ago on the eppisode (may have been an old one) when homer helps a bear get to the safe zone or whatever. at the end of the eppisode he says 'its the circle of life' Mt. Kilamonjaro (spelling X_x') showing behind him.

the new eppisode last night about Krustys (er i really dont know how to spell it, and i dont want to insult the Jewish people in attempting to spell it). Krusty was standing on the stage and people dressed in geroffe costumes walk behind him. he says 'and thank you to the cast of the lion king'. looked like TLKoB

Posted by: Zodiac Wolf (
Date: Jan. 10, 2004
In 'The Simpsons' 13th THOH, Homer was singing his redintion of TLST while riding on Flanders' cow body. Here're the lyrics to it:

In the Jungle, the creepy Jungle,
Homer rides a freak...

P.S. It's now stuck in my head.

Posted by: TLK#1Fan (
Date: June 8, 2004
I was watching The Simpsons and the family went to Africa and they showed some animals walking in front of the sun slowly.... oh my god, it was just like in TLK II Simba's Pride!!!!!!!! COOL!

Posted by: Hazza (
Date: Aug. 25, 2004
On The Simpsons episode called "Simpson Safari" the Simpson family go to Africa. At one part it shows "The beauty of an African sunrise, silhouettes of animals, and the rhythymic music playing" are all from the opening scene of TLK.

Also in the, "Bart Simpson Comics" the story, "All's Veldt That Ends Veldt" some lionesses are chasing Bart and he says, "Hey, haven't you guys ever heard of, 'The circle of life'"? But I'm not sure if that counts...

Posted by: who cares
Date: April 30, 2006
The Simpsons recently did the biggest rip of TLKOB that I have every seen. They ripped not only on Julie Taymore, but also on the "overly" artsy aspects of the show that some people aren't comfortable with. The Show's name came from Spamalot but was the Itchy and Scratchy Musical Stab a Lot. The sign even resembled the TLKOB poster.

Posted by: Joe
Date: May 28, 2006
In one of the more recent shows (when they did the spoof of TLKoB w/ Itchy and Scratchy) instead of saying "The Circle of Life", Itchy says "The Circle of Knife", and then he starts to kill all the characters on stage.

Posted by: Vicki
Date: April 17, 2007
In the Simpsons episode "Simpson Safari" (Season 12) there are a couple of tlk references. The first one is they show a african sunrise where animals are walking in front of it (like in tlk 2), and the second sighting is when the simpsons are taking a safari tour the camera stops on a pic of a lion, and in the background Pride Rock is there.

Posted by: Zack
Date: Oct. 8, 2007
On the newest episode of The Simpsons last night (Season 18? Episode 3) Homer was looking for milk but every town was sold out. Anyway he's driving and he sees a billboard that spells out MILK vertically and the rest is covered by bushes, once he gets closer to the sign this is what it reads:

Is the

Next to that there was a picture of Martin Luther King Jr. in a TLKoB outfit; my parents, my grandma, my younger brother, and I all started laughing hysterically.

Posted by: Jaimi
Date: Sept. 2, 2010
In one episode of "The Simpsons" ( I can't remember witch episode) The Itchy and Scratchy Musical was a parody of The Lion King Musical.

Posted by: mimitchi33
Date: Nov. 6, 2011
One one episode of the show, Krusty is being a tiger tamer and he says, "On the ball Simba!" After that, the tigers look at each other, then attack Krusty!