Posted by: Michael Razzano (SakaTheCheetah) (
Date: June 17, 2001
"Weird Newscasters"; "Song Styles"; "What Are You Trying to Say?"; "Irish Drinking Song"

In the June 13, 2001 episode of "Who's Line Is It, Anyway?" as seen on ABC at 8:30 p.m., there was a point during a game between the last two games (shown above) where one of the players (Kathleen Greenwood?) is hosting a party and has to guess what her guests are. One of the guests, Wayne Brady, is supposed to be an african chief _and_ his translator. As he walks in, he poses as several animals, a drummer, and a trumpeter annoucing the arrival of the chief. At the end of the game, she guesses that he is "everything from lion king", probably since the progression sounds a lot like CoL. Ryan Styles replies, "How did that have anything to do with 'The Lion King'?" and they all burst out in laughter. Whether it's because of The Lion King or the fact that Colin was eating the chief's rear end as a sandwich is left to the imagination. :-)

Also, I know that Wonder Balls, balls of chocolate and candy, had and may still have Lion King hard candy in them. They also include a sticker. I belive they had a Timon sticker and a Rafiki sticker.

Posted by: Kevin / Huzlinefan (
Date: July 10, 2005
One of the "Whose Line is it Anyway?" references was mentioned, but I know of a couple others. In a game of Let's Make a Date (an improvised sketch version of The Dating Game), Wayne Brady's quirk is "Hyenas from 'The Lion King.'"

There's also (in a different episode) a playing of a musical game called "African Chant" in which Wayne sings, "This is the worst Africa, this side of The Lion King!"