Posted by: chris stone (
Date: Nov. 11, 2003
on will and grace one night will went to the bar (hes gay if you did not know) and a guy asks him if he wouold like to come over to his house and see his lion king collection then jak says how often do you get to see a guys pumba

Posted by: claire (
Date: Aug. 12, 2005
Okay, in Will and Grace there is this part:

JACK: [ENTERING] You are a disgrace, Margaret Truman! A disgrace. Don't think that we didn't see you and your big forehead sneaking out of that party last night.

WILL: Please. It was boring, and then some three-foot-tall guy kept following me around begging me to come back to his apartment to show me his Lion King memorabilia.

JACK: Hey, when's the last time some guy offered to show you his Pumbaa? You can't exactly afford to be choosy.

If anybody's interested, it's from season 3, episode 12 called "Crazy in Love"

Posted by: Varekai
Date: Jan. 4, 2006
Is chapter of the last season, in wich Grace was invited to Jack's show in Out TV, and because of bad editing, Grace ended up looking like a homophobic, and when that happened she was in the beauty parlor, were the stylists -gays if you were wondering- ruinned her hair, leving it like some big crazy mane, and when she arrives home totally pissed off, Rosario says "Simba looks mad" ^u^.

Posted by: Timon NCC-1701
Date: Jan. 10, 2006
This one's titled "Me and Mr. Jones. Jack is auditioning for a play which stars James Earl Jones. Darth Vader and Mufasa himself. ^_^ Anyway, Karen, after they take a break, tells J. Jones his acting sucks

James: I was Mufasa!
Karen: Mufasa? Honey, more like "Boofasa".