The Lion King III: Part One



All old characters are property of Disney. All new character are my property. Please ask me if you wish to use them. To understand this story, you would have had to have seen The Lion King, and The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride.





*Rafiki:Shaman of the Pridelands

*Simba: King of the Pridelands,Kiaras father, Nala’s mate

*Nala: Queen of the Pridelands,Kiaras mother, Simbas mate

*Kiara: Future queen of the Pridelands,daughter of Simba and Nala, Kovu’s mate mother of Kitania.

*Kovu: Future king of the Pridelands, Kiaras mate,father of Kitania,Vitani’s brother

*Timon : Friend of  Simbaa,retired royal babysitter, Pumbaas best friend

*Pumbaa: Friend of  Simbaa,retired royal babysitter,Timons best friend

*Vitani: New royal babysitter,Kovus sister



*Kitania: daughter of Kovu and Kiara

*Shia: Friend of Koda and Suko

*Koda: Kitanias friend,Shias friend, brother of Suko

*Suko: Kitanias friend, Shia’s friend, brother of Koda

*Alaina: Vitani’s best friend,friend of Abena, Sheetswa, Cinque and Shekwan

*Abena: Vitani;s friend, sister of Sheetswa

*Sheetswa: Vitani’s friend, sister of Abena

*Cinque: Friend of Vitani

*Shekwan: Vitani’s ex-boyfriend


The sun was starting to rise, slowly revealing the majestic outline of the Pride lands. Animals of all kinds were headed towards pride rock. The last to arrive was an old but wise baboon, Rafiki. Rafiki climbed up pride rock, and came face to face with the king, Simba. Simba nodded his head towards the entrance of the cave. There lay Kiara, grooming her newborn cub. Standing beside her was her was Kovu, smiling down at the cub. Rafiki knelt down and smiled at Kiara and Kovu, the cracked open one of the fruits hanging from his staff. He made a small arc on the cub’s forehead with the liquid that cam out of the fruit, then sprinkled some sand over the cubs head, causing its nose to twitch a few times. Rafiki chuckled, his head flooding with old memories. He picked up the cub and walked towards the peak of pride rock. Then he held up the cub for the kingdom to see. The animals cheered and bowed down to the new heir of the Pridelands.A new generation had begun, as the circle of life continued.


Chapter one


Kovu walked over to where Kiara was nuzzling her newborn cub.

Kovu:Any ideas for a name yet?

Kiara: Well, I was thinking maybe Kitania, a cross between Kiara and Vitani.

All of a sudden Simba steps into the light.

Simba: I think it’s a beautiful name.

Kovu: Kitania it is then.

They all looked down at the cub. Her fur was like her fathers, but a bit of a lighter brown,but her stomach and tip of her tail were almost pure white, like Kiaras stomach. It was a strange mixture of colours, but she was beautiful. Then there were Kitania’s eyes. They were the stragest eyes any of the animals had ever seen. Evan Rafiki admitted the he had never seen anything like it before. One of her eyes was a deep violet, and the other one was green. Rafiki thought it was a gift from the gods and past kings, to have eyes like that.

Kiara: Isn’t she cute?

Kovu:She is.

Nala: She will make a fine queen.

Vitani walked into the cave. The past few months had been hard for her. She had lost her mother and her brother in the same day. But it wasn’t the fact that they were gone that made he so depressed. It was the fact that her mother…her own mother…had threatened to kill her. The lionesses comforted her as much as they could, and she had mostly recovered from her depression, but would have the nightmare atleast once a week.

Kovu: ‘Tani, meet Kitania.

Vitani: you named her after me?!

Vitani was delighted at this. They named it after me! She thought ecxitedly in her head. She had never felt more special.

Kovu interrupted her.

Kovu: After you AND Kiara.

Vitani: Oh…

Vitani was disappointed at that. She was jealous of Kiara. Very jealous. Everyone loved Kiara. She was smart, had a good sense of humour, kind, caring, had a beautiful singing voice, and not to mention, she was drop-dead gorgeous. Kovu spent almost all of his time with Kiara. Vitani felt like Kiara had stolen everything from her. Afterall, she was the reason why Kovu betrayed the outsiders in the first place, he had fallen in love with her.

Vitani shook these thoughts out of her head and saw Timon and Pumbaa cooing at the little cub.

Timon: So this is……..

Kovu: Kitania…it’s a cross between Kiara and Vitani.

Pumbaa:She’s a beauty…but look at her eyes Timon!

Timon: Yeah…whats with the purple..unusual colour…and then ones green….Awwwww! Look! She’s trying to bite me! …………OH GODS SHES GONNA RIP MY FACE OFF!!!!!KEEP HER AWAY FROM ME!!!!!

Everyone laughed as Kitania tried to paw at Timon’s face.

Kiara: So Timon, Pumbaa..up for another royal babysitting job?

Pumbaa: Actually, princess Kiara, well..that is we..

Timon: We’ve retired. We raised Simba here, babysat you…we’re getting to old for this. In fact, we’re exausted. You and your dad here..Oy! So much work. You needed a beeper kid. Nope, we’ve had enough of the babysitting buisness. We’re gonna head back to our humble home in the jungle in a few months.

Kovu: We understand guys. I know what you mean by Kiara being a lot of work!

Kiara stuck out her tongue at Kovu and smiled. Kovu went over and licked her on the cheek. Vitani wanted to puke.

Nala:but who will watch over her when she’s older? If she’s even half the work Kiara was-

Kiara:Mother! Its fine. We’ll worry about it when the time comes.

Kitania yawned and fell asleep.

Kovu:you should get some sleep to Kiara. You must be tired as well.

They nuzzled, and Kovu, followed by Simba, Nala, Timon, and Pumbaa left the cave. Vitani was the last to leave, glancing over at Kiara and the cub she sighed. She couldn’t help but feel a bit happy for Kiara.

Vitani: sleep well Kiara.

Kiara:See ya Vitani.


Chapter Two


Kitania: Come ON dad! You promised!!!!

Kitania was growing fast. She was about nine years old already. She looked the same way she did when she was just a new born cub, except she was bigger.

Kovu grumbled. He had promised to show Kitania the kingdom today, and promised to teach her how to be queen.

Kitania: Daddy, com on!you promised!!!

Kiara woke up and heard her daughter trying to wake up her mate. She stopped Kitania.

Kiara:Watch this hunny.

Kiara leaned over to Kovu and blew in his ear lightly. Kovu jumped in the air and yelled.

Kitania laughed and so did Kiara.

Kovu: I thought I told you not to do that!!

Kovu’s heart was beating faster than it ever had before.

Kitania pranced around Kovu.

Kitania: Daddy is a scaredy cat! Daddy is a scaredy cat!

Kiara: You promised her youd teach her how to be queen today.

Kovu: That was today?

He was teasing Kitania and she knew it.

Kitania: Come on dad!!!!

She practically dragged him out of the cave. The sat on the edge of Pride rock.

Kovu: Everything that the light touches is our kingdom.

Kitania: Wow….that’s all ours.

Kovu:Yes, it is. And we need to respect everything that’s in it, because that’s what keeps the circle of life going.

Kitania: Daddy, can I go play down by the water hole?

Kovu: No problem…as long as your aunt Vitani goes with you.

Kitania adored her aunt Vitani. And Vitani adored the cub. Sometimes she even thought it was her own.


When they got to the water hole, Vitani layed down in the shade and Kitani went over to see some other cubs playing by the water hole.

Kitania: Hi! My names Kitania!

The other cubs looked at her as if she were from another planet. They whispered amongst themselves, and then one of the cubs, a girl about Kitania’s age stepped forward. Her name was Shia(Shee-ah)

Shia: whats wrong with your eyes?

The cubs behind her smirked. They were all boys.

Kitania: Theres nothing wrong with my eyes! My father saysit was a gift from the gods and the kings!

Shia:Who would want a gift like that? They’re so weird!

They all laughed, except for Kitania that is. Vitani was now listening closely to the conversation.

One of the other cubs, named Suko walked up beside Shia

Suko:So you’re a daddy’s girl then?

They all smirked.

Your just jealous ‘cause I’m a princess!

Shia:Hey guys!get a load of this! The weirdo thinks she’s a princess.

Katalia:Its true!!

Suko:sure it is.

Kitania tried to roar, but only being a cub, it was only a faint growl.

The cubs laughed.

Kitania:Its not like you can roar!

Shia:Why don’t you try it again…..”princess”

Vitani had had enough. Just as Kitania was about to open her mouth to roar, Vitani jumped out of the bushes and roared instead.

Shia: W-who are y-you?

Vitani: I am the princess’s bodygaurd.

Suko:so, she really is a princess…..

Kitania: Told you so

Kitania stuck out her tongue at Shia.

Vitani: And if you knew what was best for you, you’d bow to the princess. She will be your future queen.

All the cubs bowed except for Shia.She just stuck her nose up in the air and walked away. Kitania rolled her eyes. What a jerk, she said under her breath.

The boys gathered around her. Kitania was enjoying the attention. They flooded her with questions. One cub in particular caught her attention. He was the only boy who wasn’t flirting with her. When at last the cubs went about their buisness, she went over to the boy who caught her attention before. He was sitting by the edge of the water hole.

She sat down beside him.


Cub:So…..youre the princess….

Kitania:Yeah…my grandpa’s the king.

Cub:King……I wonder what that must be like….

Kitania:So, whats your name?

Cub:Oh right…Im Koda.

Suko looked at Kitania. She really wasn’t weird at all. In fact, she was very pretty he thought to himself.

Shia: Suko, stop staring at her!

Suko: Sorry Shia…but you have to admit..she is kinda cute!

Shia hit him across the face.

Suko: Hey what was that for, its not like im flirting with her or anything.

Shia: I know, I just like teasing you.

Shia pinned him to the ground and licked his nose.Then she walked away, flicking her tail under his chin.(If you havnt figured it out yet, Shia has a HUGE crush on Suko, and Suko like Shia too, that is, until Kitania came along.Suko walked over to where Kitania and Koda were talking.

Suko: Hey bro. Hi Kitania!

Kitania:Wait…you guys are brothers?


Suko: He’s just jealous that I got the good looks.

He winked at Kitania. She giggled.

Suko:Anyways, the suns begginning to set Koda, mom says we gotta go.

Kitania:So youre a momma’s boy then?

They both laughed.

Suko:Come on Koda, I’ll meet you over there

He pointed to a big tree, then walked away.

Kitania: Bye Suko!

Suko:See ya around Kitania.

Kitania:Well, I better go to Koda.

Koda:Ok, well see ya later princess

Kitania:Bye…Oh and Koda?

Koda: Yeah?

Kitania:I don’t think Suko got ALL the good looks.

Kitania looked into his eyes, and she noticed something strange. His eyes were grey. Strange,she thought. But then again her eyes were strange too.

I guess we were just meant to be, she thought in her head, then she laughed outloud.

She smiled, then turned around, flicked her tail and walked over to where Vitani was.

Vitani: you ready to go kiddo?

Kitania: Yes aunt ‘Tani.

Kitania: Looked over at Suko and Koda, giggled, and ran to catch up to Vitani.



Chapter Three


Vitani:Kitania, we came homw much later than when we were supposed to. So I want you to leave all the talking to me, alright?

Kitania: Okay aunt Vitani….

The moon was already up in the sky, and the stars were shining brightly all around the two lionesses. Kovu had told his sister that he wanted them home before sunset, wich was atleast an hour ago. They walked up to pride rock, and Vitani braced herself.

Kovu: VITANI! Do you have any idea how worried we were?!?

Vitani: I’m very sorry Kovu. It’s just that, well you know..time flies when your having fun…

Vitani looked down at the ground that smiled weakly at her brother.

Kiara:  Oh kitania! I’m so glad your alright.

Kitania: Of course I’m alright mama.

Kovu: Vitani…I trusted you.. I thought maybe you had been hurt..or even killed…

Vitani(grinning proudly): Kovu, Kovu, Kovu…do you really think I, the one and only Vitani, who’s never lost a fight, would actually let that happen-

Kovu: DON’T get smart with me Vitani!

Suddenly, without warning, Kovu’s paw shot up and smacked her across the face.

Vitani winced. Her brother, even though he was younger than her, was extremely powerful.

Kiara: Kovu…..

Vitani looked up at her brother with tears starting to form in her eyes

Kitania: Aunt ‘Tani!

Kovu: Vitani…I’m sorry…I just lost my temper..I didn’t-

But Vitani had had enough. She got up and ran out the entrance of the cave, down pride rock and out into the Outlands.Kitania started running after her aunt, but Kiara and Nala blocked her way.

Nala: She’ll come’ll see…

Kovu was ashamed at himself. He didn’t say another world all night. When Kiara woke up to find him gone she ran out the cave to look for him. She spotted him sitting on a hill, looking at the ground.

Kiara: to me….

Kovu:I can’t believe I did my own sister…

Kiara: Kovu, what you did was wrong, but she WAS in charge of Kitania… and when they didn’t come home, we were all worried sick…she should have-

Kovu : She still didn’t deserve it… I have to find her.

Kiara: Wait for a few days, give her some time.

Meanwhile, Vitani was walking far into the Outlands. She knew she deserved what she had gotten, but still…Kovu normally wasn’t that aggressive. Then she heard growling. She looked around her and saw about three lionesses and two lions.

Lioness#1:Welcome home Vitani.

Vitani: Ummm…who are you?

Lioness#1: Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten me already! I’m your best friend!

Vitani: Alaina….is it really you?!

Alaina smiled. Since they were cubs, Vitani and Alaina had been the best of friends. Vitani strted recognizing the other lionesses. There was Sheetswa, one of her friends, Abena, Sheetswa’s sister. The two lions were Cinque(pronounces Sing-qwé), and last of all, there was Shekwan, her ex-boyfriend.

She hugged everyone, except Shekwan, they had been in a fight a while before she went to the pride lands. The reason why there were still some lions in the Outlands were because they refused to be unloyal to Scar.

Cinque: so…what brings you here…Pridelander?

Vitani: I ran away..if you must know.

Abena: Hows life in the Pridelands?

Vitani(looking around her): A lot better than this place..

Sheetswa: Then why’d you run away?

Vitani: Kovu-

Shekwan: ah yes, Kovu.

Shekwan was circling her know, looking her over. He was very bold and ignorant, yet he was very handsome and practically every lioness in the Outlands wished to be his mate.

Shekwan: How is our little prince?

Vitani: Well, to make a long story short, he got married, had a kid, and he’s future king.

Alaina: so that makes you a…..?

Vitani(muttering): a babysitter.

Her friends burst out laughing.

Sheetswa: Well then….a babysitter huh? Sounds…fun…

Sheetswa was holding back her laughter. Finally they all calmed down.

Cinque:anyways, tell us why your back here.

Vitani: I was babysitting Kitania, my niece, I brought here back home too late, Kovu freaked out and hit me…and now I’m here.But I’m probly going back tomorrow…its my home.

Abena: No! Your home is here with us!

Vitani: You guys should come too. I’m sure Simba would love for you to-

Alaina roared.

Sheckwan: Simba is the one who killed Scar! Why would we want to live in his pride? He’s the reason why we stayed here. And we heard what princess Kiara did to your Zira.

Vitani winced as she heard her mothers name.

Vitani: You guys have not heard the true story.

Vitani explained everything, how scar was destroying everything, and how he tried to kill Simba and killed Mufasa, and that Zira actually committed suicide. Her friends looked like they had been struck by lightnenig. No one knew what to say.

Abena: So we’ve been wrong..the whole time…

Shekwan: That’s impossible…Vitani, you swear your telling the truth?

Vitani: I swear…cross my heart.

With that last part, Shekwan looked at her and smiled.

Vitani: So , how about coming back to the Pridelands with me in a few days?

They all nodded, and they walked back to their cave with Vitani.


Chapter Four


It had been many years since Vitani and her friends returned to Pride rock. Simba was indeed glad to accept the new lions and lionesses into the pride. He had learned that he needed to trust. And he did. He trusted them. And so far nothing bad had happened at all. Kovu and Vitani had made up and were know closer than ever. Many things had passed over the years. Simba and Nala had passed down the throne to Kiara and Kovu, and Kitania was all grown up. Unfortunately, she hadnt seen any of her friends for atleast a year. Shia had caught Suko flirting with Kitania, and out of anger, Shia had attacked Kitania. Suko and Koda tried to stop her, but it was no use.she just kept going. When finally Suko dragged Shia off of Kitania, Koda slung her on his back and ran all the way back to Priderock. She had been injured badly and had an awful scar to remind her of that day for the rest of her life. Kovu and Kiara had become so overprotective of their daighter, they hadnt let her out of their sight for about a year. Finally, on her eighteenth birthday, they decided she was all grown up enough to make her own decisions, and to go wherever she wanted. But she had almost forgotten about her two friends Suko and Koda.

Today was Kitanias first hunt by herself. All the lionesses were congratulating her, and telling her how much she had grown and how proud that she was going to make them.Kitania had not gotten very far from Pride rock when she spotted a group of zebra’s. She spotted her prey. An old zebra that had a terribal limp. She stuck to the ground and slowly got ready to pounce when she snapped a twig with her foot by accident. The zebras ran away.

Lion: your never going to catch one that way.

Kitania: Oh and I suppose YOU could teach me?

Suddenly, another lion popped up beside the first one. Somehow they looked awfully familiar.

Lion #2:Actually, yes. We could.

Kitania could’ve sworn she had heard that voice before. She looked at the lion more closely and notices his eyes. They were grey.

Kitania shrieked happily and ran over to the two lions and gave them each a huge hug and nuzzled them.

Kitania: Suko, Koda! I thought I’d never see you again!

Suko: what have you been up to lately Kit?(Suko called her Kit for short)

Kitania: Wow, everythings been crazy back at home. My aunt came back home a few years ago with some of her old friends from the outlands. My mom and dad are king-

Koda: We know all that Kitania. We do live in the Pridelands you know. We were at the ceremonie.

Kitania blushed.

Kitania: Oh..right…ummm, wheres Shia?

Shia ran over to where they were all sitting.

Shia:Well, if it isn’t little miss princess.

Kitania:Well, if it isnt little miss snob!Where have you been all these years?

Shia was a lot different from what she looked like when she was a cub. Her blonde fur was know a dark yellow and her eyes were brown. But her attitude was still the same.

Shia: Come on Koda lets leave. Little miss princess is going to make me puke any minute.

Shia dragged Koda away over to the water hole.

Koda: See you around Kitania.

Kitania: Bye…….(turns to Suko)..are they…?

Suko: Yep. For about three months now. When you were gone, Shia was the only other girl around that he actually liked, even if she is a snob she can be very persuasive, you know batting here eyes, smiling seductively, you get the picture. It used to be me and her, but when she attacked you last year….I just couldn’t stay with her. So she turned to Koda. He rejected her at first, but then he became desperate. He had no one to love and no one to love him since you left. So finally he gave in to her.

Kitania:You mean…he loved me?

Suko: Yep…..and so did I. In fact, I still do.


Chapter 5


(Back at Pride rock)


Shekwan and Vitani were walking in the jungle together, It had been a while since they talked, just the two of them. The were sitting by a river.

Shekwan: Vitani, I knever stopped loving you…you know that right?

Vitani didn’t say anything. Instead she just looked at him with sad eyes, then looked back at her reflection in the water. For a moment she saw zira, instead of herself. She just stared at herself, or “zira”. Then she looked away.

Shekwan: you okay Tani?

Vitani: its just…my mother lied to me all these years…she threatened to kill me, she killed herself, by brother nuka died trying to impress here, and my father is gone. All I have left is Kovu…

Then she looked at him. She saw the lion she had loved for so many years. The lion who had comforted her whenever she was sad or depressed. The lion who cared about her…a lot.

Vitani: …and you.

Then she put her face in his mane and started sobbing.

Shekwan: I’ll always be there for you Vitani…No matter what. I love you.

Vitani looked at him and smiled.

Vitani: I love you too Shekwan.

They nuzzled and then they decided to head home. They got up and were joined by Alaina and Cinque who had been sitting by a nearby tree, watching them the whole time.

Cinque: Look who got back together!

Alaina was about to make a comment when they heard laughter. About a dozen hyenas came out from behind some trees and bushes.

Vitania: Get out of our Pridelands!

Shenzi: Oh look Banzai! Isn’t that Scar’s kid?

Banzia: I believe it is Shnzi! What do you think Ed?

Ed just let out an idiotic laugh. One of the other hyenas hit him hard on the head. Ed just laughed some more. Shenzi rolled her eyes.

The hyenas started to advance on the lions.

Alaina: Theres no way we can take them all!

Cinque: What else can we do? They’re faster than us so we cant out run them!

Banzai: Its been a while since I’ve have some good lion meat. In fact, the last time I had some was when Scar was thrown off Pride rock…

Vitani pictured her father being eaten alive by hyenas. She held back the tears.

Vitani(whispering):Alaina run as fast as you can back to Pride rock and worn my brother. We’ll hold them back. Go!

Alaina ran off and at that moment the hyenas attacked. Vitani sank her teeth into the neck of one of the hyenas. It shrieked then went limp. Then she felt teeth sink into her back paw. She kicked as hard as she could. Another hyena jumped at her. She flung her paw out and tore at its face. She looked at  Shekwan. She ran over to help him fight off the three hyenas attacking him. After about five more minutes of fighting, Shenzi ordered the remaining hyenas to retreat to the outlands. Vitani looked at Shekwan. Part of his ear had been torn off, and there were scratches and bruises everywhere on him. She had broken a leg.She tried to walk over to Shekwan but collapsed. He ran over to her.

Sheckwan: Are you alright?

She winced.

Vitani: I’m alright..nothing that Rafiki can’t heal.

They forced a smile. Vitani looked around her there were about five dead hyenas on the ground. There was blood everywhere, Then she spotted Cinque.Vitani got up and ignored the pain, and ran over to where he was lying.

Vitani: Cinque!

She took one look at the front of him and closed here eyes and started o cry. The hyenas had practicall torn him apart. Sheckwan came over and looked at cinque, he turned his head away. Vitani sobbed into Sheckwans mane. She put her head under his and they just sat there crying. At that moment Kovu, Kiara, Simba, Nala, Alaina, Abena, and Sheetswa came running over to them. Alaina, Abena and Sheetswa stared in horror then burst into tears. Simba went over to the dead lion then looked up at the stars. He saw a light outline of a lion.

Simba(under his breath): So it starts again father….

Then he picked up Cinque and started walking back to pride rock with Nala sobbing at his side. Kovu and Kiara comforted Vitani all the way home. Sheckwan had to carry her because of her ankle. And all the way home, Shekwan felt something….a presence you could say. An evil one.


When they got home, all the lionesses were already asleep. Rafiki would be coming the next day to heal Vitani and Sheckwan, and to perform the funeral ceremonie for Cinque. Vitani and Sheckwan went straight into the cave. They lay down next to each other.

Sheckwan: Something bad is going to happen Vitani…I can feel it.