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Display 1 
(TLK, Furry pictures)
Khywana's character picture , the official Hannover Meeting '97 picture =), Scarafina the lioness (meow), Jammet climbs in his tree
Display 2 
(TLK, Furry pictures)
Simba cub & Nala cub have a big birthday cake, An airbrush of Jammet, Two big Lion King and Furry collages
Display 3 
(TLK, Furry, stuff)
TLK background pic, TLK theme for Windowmaker/Fvwm2, Taka the cub, A Thank you picture for Wesha
Display 4 
(TLK/Furry t-shirt)
Front and backside design of Jammet's selfmade TLK / Furry T-shirt. If you made one too...
Display 5 
(Simba's Pride)
I recolord four original Simba's Pride cliparts completely so they look real nice =) --work in progress--