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The first 99 & 44/100% anthropomorphic/Furry TinyMu*
The Furry Cathedral (#010101MEOW)

 A Savannah. If you'd see this place from above you'd notice a round green spot - grassy gardens. A gigantic cathedral in in the middle, it's walls look new. It's just been completed. Furries wander around everywhere... Foxes, Dragons, Wolfes, Centaurs, Minotaurs, Unicorns, Halflings, Elfes. Most wonderous beings are all here. All together. All peaceful. They build this cathedral to show humanity that they exist. You can be either one of the furries or the humans. Your choice. Let your imagination play with the cathedral. Make it look just the way you would want to make an imposant building beyond the possibilities of architects. Let your imagination be yourself. Look at yourself, and tell the furries around you who you are. Welcome to the Furry Muck cathedral!

You can see:
Jammet, a leopard cub curled up. Let him explain FM
Readings on a wall: character list, helpers, wizards
A pile of thin books labeled Building Bible
A Teleporter map on the wall marks interesting places
Mr.Fox, happily answering Frequently Asked Questions
A friendly looking portal with the sign "Get your character"
Another real friendly portal: Teleporter Hall of "FM Links"
The friendliest looking portal leads into Furry Muck

Your inventory:
Telnet client (want something more nifty for mucks?)

Contact Jammet
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