Shenzi, Banzaaaaaaaaaaaaai and EDD!
Shenzi, Banzai & Ed - Hyena Trio!
Who dares to come on their land may be sentenced to death.These three hyenas are very possibly the reason why lions and hyenas can't stand each other!  Shenzi, Bansai and Ed's home seems to be the Elephant Graveyard... at the norther border of the Pridelands. But you know, they could just live in an old grotto and never mind the darkness there anyway. It's just them! Perfectly silly and always in a bad mood. The hyenas have a contact (can't call that "Friendship") with Scar and are willing to serve him when he get's king. They believe his promises that times will be better with Scar on the throne instead of Mufasa.
ShenziShenzi the the thinking machine of the three. That means, she comes up with almost all the ideas that might eventually maybe possibly if... work. Most important of all is that she is kind of the leader of the trio hyena pack, thus adding most to the chain of evil ideas that the trio especially liiikes. The three hyenas are not really just three. Hyenas ^ Hyenas You bet that when one of'em whistles loud enough there'll be countless of brothers and sisters ready to aid, behind them. Hyenas are not all evil, just the leaders as it seems. Sad enough that the rest carelessy obeys. Sad also, that this is one important part Scar's plan to become king. "All it takes is a little brain power!". 
Banzai Banzai isn't quite as bright as Shenzi. But quick with stupid jokes and really easy to be offended -- or more like: really glad when he can be violent in response to any stupid jokes from anyone who isn't a hyena. He does not compete with Shenzi or Ed because they're friends (yes, really!). When he isn't laughing about his own jokes or Ed's clumsy behaviour  then he is still hungry! As always. Hyenas play one kind of bad role in the life of Lions. On the Lion King Muck, most hyenas are evil. But there are nice hyenas, and hyena cubs too! Well, not these three, that's for sure.
Ed That's Ed! He is a reat stupid hyena! And if he is not real stupid then he is, very probably the stupidest! That may be the reason why he gets all the fun! =) Always very very happy about even dreadful things, Ed laughs about the worst of jokes, his own stupidity and just about anything. Well in fact he is laughing nonstop =). And sometimes he just can't stop it anymore. Sure he does annoy Banzai and Shenzi sometimes, but they tolerate it because they can have their share of the fun with Ed around. He is kind of the... only one in the trio that could make it all look funny what they do. Imagine the hyenas without Ed. Everything would become serious, dangerous, boredom.
Grin x 3Beware! If you see these three faces looking just about that way at you, better run away or call out for a Lion to the rescue =)... or alternatively tell them a real stupid joke and watch them "drop dead" laughing madly (or maybe not) =).
Fun x 3Since the hyenas don't like to make much use of their brains and senses, Scar uses them for his evil plans. He wants them to kill Simba... and they obey their new king. However, they failed ... luckily..