Nala. Past, present and future Symbol of Joy and Love.
Nala keeps herself squeaky clean...Nala and Simba are bestest buddies, the dynamic duo, the troublemakers! Last but not least, they're supposed to become the Queen and the King! But hey, they don't buy it and instead of learning the 'majestic' ways they happily frolic around the Pridelands as explorers of the fearless kind! Yeah! It's a lot of fun! 
Our beautiful Nala is Sarafina's daughter. Much like Sarabi, Sarafina always cares for her daughter. As Nala plays with Simba all the time they learn  that the adults are mostly boring, talking, commanding and fighting wanna-bes. At least, this is what Nala and Simba maybe thought. 
Pounce me and you will see... that I pounced you already!Nala is the best pouncer of all the cubs in the pride! You bet Simba tries to, but he will never understand how she tricks him all the time with the backleg flip. Hey Nala, you win! =) Maybe sometime later....
One day Nala follows Simba to the Elephant graveyard. It turns out to become one really dangerous adventure this time. Nala... she is one of the characters that fans talk most about Simba, Scar and Mufasa follow closely I guess. We all love the character very much. Parodies about such a character love have been written =). Seriously, she's fun! It could have been all beautiful without Scar's evil plan to kill the cubs.
Times change. Simba has died? Scar said it. Nala cries with Sarabi and Sarafina! Nobody really knows that Scar's done all this with the hyenas. Not even Zazu as it seems. Maybe from that time on Nala had a lonely life in the Pride. Untils she meets, someday, somehow Simba again. She falls in Love with him. Romance rules from now on. And Love is all powerful. Nala will rescue the Pride, together with Simba.
In Simba's Pride - Nala and Simba have their daughter Ciara - and Nala will be a mother like Sarafina.