My name is Sarabi...
 Sarabi is Mufasa's Queen - and Simba's mother.
Sarabi sleepsAs we begin the story of the Lion King, Sarabi has already become a mother. She is loving, kind, and the queen. As such, she also is the leader of the hunting party. Yeah! And has sure been a masterfully huntress since ever. Mufasa is her King! And Simba - her son. She cares all day long for her adorable cub. And if there would be a dander, she would show her hard side. With her being one of the biggest Lionesses in the Pride, no one ever dares to threaten her family.
It must be wonderful to be a mother. Her character makes it feel everyone. And she's got humour, too. You can be sure that she is just as much fun as Simba, as Nala or even as Ciara. Sarabi and Mufasa are, much like Nala and Simba, the expression of Love. Or, that expression of Love of parents to their children. And the Love for the whole family. She is one expression of what the Circle of Life os all about. The good part of it... and...
Scar murdered Sarabi's Love. She cries.The loveless part. Cruelly, Scar murders her Love Mufasa. And there is no way she can bring her King back to her side. Her sadness can be felt in our own hearts. In that scene, I would like to be there to tell her something good, so much touches me the death of Mufasa. It could prepare someone for the time when they lose somebody.
When Scar's monstrous plan succedes, he leaves Sarabi's heart nearly dying from sadness, crying out to her Love's spirit to be by her side. Who knows... maybe, like when Mufasa became an appearance to Simba, he was by Sarabi's side, too. A thought of hope.
Simba disappeared the same day as her Mufasa died.  At the peak of Pride Rock, Scar took over the throne, telling Sarabi and the other Lionesses of Mufasa's death. And of Simba's death too. Sarabi does not know what to feel from that time on. She only shows her hard side from then on. To everyone. except maybe to Sarafina and her daughter Nala. Maybe she was friendly to all the other Lionesses, too.
Sometime, the lionesses of the Pride take secretly the command of the Pride, because the new King Scar is doing his duty terrible, letting the lionesses hunt all the time and letting the hyenas take over the Pridelands. Over that time, Sarabi led the hunting party, still. And yes, wonderful times are coming back to her. Simba's Pride.