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29th April 2010

Phew! In a hectic blitz of Lion King passion, I have finished taking stills for The Lion King galleries! Now, they are in the processing stage, which can take a matter of days, weeks, or possibly even a couple of months, as the job requires me to be in the right mindset, and that seems to be quite at chance! I did want to not upload any of the new galleries until I had finished making them ALL, but due to the amount of time it will take to finish processing them all, I have decided to tide you all over with uploading three new galleries: Under the Stars, Hunting, and Can You Feel the Love Tonight? I hope you all find these to your liking, whilst I finish off the remaining image galleries. Kwaheri!

31st January 2010

Just returned from seeing The Lion King up at the Lyceum Theatre, for the sixth time! I should really qualify for some sort of insane-devotional-loyalty card. Awesome South African Simba remains most awesome, Nala really shined tonight, Scar did his best performance yet, and the hyenas were as mega awesome as always! Also, after explaining that I wanted the information for my Lion King website and probably coming across as incredibly nerdy, the lovely people at the Lyceum Theatre let me have the list of cast replacements that performance. Mufasa was played by Anthony Francis (did a really good job too), Timon was played by David Pendlebury (preferred the usual Timon, due to Pendelbury's slightly different timing and accent), and Sarabi was played by Ketsia Poitevien-Clarke (and was as Sarabi as always. Might get around to doing some image galleries at some point, but if not, and if I do, then I hope you all stay well until my next update! (and hopefully some after that, too!)

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