OLiVER & Company

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On the streets of New York City, an adorable arphaned kitten named Oliver finds friendship and adventure with a pack of pickpocket pooches - including Dodger, a cool canine with street savoir faire, a hilarious fiery Chihuahua named Tito and their human master Fagin. But when Jenny, the lonely little rich girl who adopts Oliver, is kidnapped by Fagin's evil boss and daunting Dobermans, it's non-stop action and suspense as OLiVER & COMPANY stage a daring rescue through the city's subway system!

Join the Best of Friends on the Greatest of Adventures!
Oliver & Company is such a great animated movie, I love it!! Let's get to the story =). Oliver is one of many kittens that get sold ... somewhere in New York, whoever sells the kittens does not to care much about their health. One by one, all the kittens are sold. Only the little OLiVER is left in the box. The human who sold all the others for five dollars each, leaves and abadons OLiVER to an unknown fate. It's sad, very sad - for OLiVER. Such are situations that make me cry. As OLiVER sits in the box, in the rain at night, the water floods the whole street and OLiVER flees... somwhere, just out of there... and finally, after being chased by a pack of dogs and wetted all through by the rain, OLiVER finds a place to sleep for the night. Not an entirely safe place, but at least, here the story really begins, the next day comes, and there is no more sadness ... OLiVER is going to get Company. Good Company!

Oliver (orange kitten) in the box with the other kittens. First they get sold for five dollars. Then for three. Oliver is left last. Even though when he was the only kitten left, he was for free. 
One little note from me: I find the thought so cruel... sigh.In the movie it may look like a good thing, but it really isn't.

OLiVER's getting sung that all around are the Streets of Gold! It is a wonderful song and you just gotta hear it!! Rita shows OLiVER how to get food - and OLiVER notices that that he has found friends in Rita, Dodger, Tito, Francis and Einstein. Now, there's OLiVER's Company. Adventures await! Together they do what they're used to - tricking all the humans =).